Manuscript preparation covers all aspects of the book creation process, to get your words, thoughts and ideas to the stage of print-ready proof or e-book. We work with authors, writers, independent publishers throughout the pre-printing and/or e-book conversion process to transform your manuscript into a quality book.
Our abiding aim is to create a finished product that does justice to your literary output and efforts: something that anyone would be proud to have on their bookshelf, coffee table, kindle device or other e-reader; one that you can confidently present to the book-buying public and will not feel let down when it comes to the marketing and selling aspect of the publishing process.
  • Our team of editors and proof-readers will appraise and finalise the draft of your book
  • Our professional designers and typesetters will prepare the manuscript for print and/or e-book conversion
  • We offer affordable cover design options that can be template-based or bespoke and designed with both print and digital media in mind
  • We oversee and organise all aspects of pre-printing process, to produce a print-ready proof for your consideration
  • Your book will not be printed until you have received and signed off on the printer's proof
  • We design with both print and digital media considerations in mind, understanding the important distinctions and specific demands of each medium

Among the range of manuscript preparation and pre-printing services that we cater for include:

  • Creative writing, appraisal and critique
  • Professional writing services
  • Proof-reading and editing
  • Indexing and referencing
  • Artwork and illustrations
  • Advice about copyright and reproduction issues
  • Typesetting, page layout and design
  • Cover design - we offer both template and bespoke options that cater for print and digital media
  • E-Book conversion to all of the common e-book formats (ePub, mobi, PDF, etc)
  • Further publishing support, including e-publishing and print-on-demand, to help you to avail of free publishing platforms such as CreateSpace, Lightning Source, Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords, ClickBank