The Author-centred Approach

Our approach is author-centred. This means putting the author in control of the publishing process. At the same time, self-publishing does not mean having to do it all by yourself. In any venture, whether it is traditional or self-publishing, the publisher is the person who assumes the risk – i.e. puts up the investment capital, stands to lose or gain depending on the success or failure of the enterprise. As an author-publisher:

  • You retain the copyright to your work
  • You are the sole proprietor of the books and materials produced, once they have been paid for
  • You are in charge and have final say in the production process, from beginning to end
  • You reap the benefit of the sales that accrue

Publishing in the Digital Age

The world of publishing is changing. The changes that we are talking about favour today’s generation of authors and independent publishers. This is the case, whether the ambition is to get published in the traditional manner (e.g. via the publishing houses), or for those authors who wish to retain ownership and control, by exploring the various self-publishing routes.
Advances in digital technology have made printing and publishing less costly (e.g. short-run digital book production), or virtually non-existent in the case of e-publishing or print-on-demand. There is also wider, more open access to the tools of the publishing trade. These, together with the emergence of the worldwide web as a platform to publish, promote, distribute and sell your work, means that publishing today is less restrictive and more enticing than it used to be. The opportunities that exist are not, in themselves, a guarantee success but they can, at least, inspire confidence.
Every opportunity presents its own set of challenges. The Manuscript Publisher started out with the aim and perspective of helping authors, writers, independent publishers to to take full advantage of these opportunities, rising to the challenges, doing so in a manner that minimises exposure and risk, while helping the author to retain ownership and control of the publishing process.

Tailored Solutions and Advice

Here at The Manuscript Publisher, we work with all of our clients on a one-to-one basis.You won’t find any form or ‘publishing package deal’ on this website because we don’t believe in them. We do not consider these models to be fair to the authors, nor do they reflect the reality of publishing today. Instead, our publishing solutions are tailored to your budget, ambitions and requirements: you choose the services that you need so that you do not pay for services that you do not need – either now or in the future.
We aim to get you the best rates, for the best quality product, using the most advanced techniques and helping you to market and sell your work in whatever format you choose to publish. We advise you and help you to explore publishing options, such as e-publishing and print-on-demand, that do not involve tying up a lot of money in stock and inventory.
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