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The Manuscript Publisher

an author-centred approach to publishing and self-publishing in the digital age

The Manuscript Publisher is an Irish-based provider of professional and affordable services to authors, writers, independent publishers.
In a period just short of ten years, we have helped dozens of authors and writers, from Ireland and further afield, to successfully publish their books. We have worked with authors and writers of all genres, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry. We have worked with authors on their first publishing outing as well as previously published authors, looking for ways to reach new audiences for their work while maintaining ownership and control of the publishing process.
Some of the books and titles that we have helped to produce are available to browse from this website and to buy online – see our portfolios and our online bookshop for further information.
We are an entirely independent entity. We are not tied to any outside publishing or printing concern. This is important because it means that we can offer you fair and impartial advice, ensuring that your best interest, as a self-published author and independent publisher, is served.
Browse this website, or contact us anytime to discover more about us and our author-centred approach to writing and publishing in the digital age.

Publishing Solutions for the Digital Age

Editorial Services (Manuscript Preparation)

Our Editorial Services covers all aspects of the book creation process, to get your words, thoughts and ideas to the stage of print-ready proof or e-book. We work with authors, writers, independent publishers throughout the pre-printing and/or e-book conversion process, to transform your manuscript into a quality book.
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Book Cover Design

The cover that you choose for your book (including e-book) is often your readers' first impression. With a cover design, you are trying to anticipate your target audience's reaction in a manner that will convert them into paying readers and customers. The first step in that process is to persuade them to take a look inside.
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Professional Writing Services

Maybe everyone 'has a book in them' but, not everyone has the time, the patience, the resources, the technical know-how or even just the inclination to get it all down. It could be your own story or that of someone else – our team of professional writers and editors will help you to get all into a written format.
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Publishing Assistance and Advice

Publishing is the business of producing and disseminating material for public consumption. Traditionally, this referred to printed matter but in more recent times, digital content has emerged as a competitor. We help you to negotiate all of the legal, technical and administrative requirements necessary to get your book 'out there'.
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Print Management Service

At The Manuscript Publisher, we assist and advise you on all of your printing and binding options. All too often, this is more than just a question of paper and ink! We also cover the options that do not involve printing at all (e.g. see section on e-Publishing below). Our simple and abiding aim is to get you more books for your money without having to print more books than you need.
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e-Publishing Services

e-Publishing embraces a range of non-printed solutions and as a publishing option, it is growing and gaining greater acceptance with every passing day. For the most part, it is either free or highly affordable, not requiring of any large, upfront investment to get started. Also, it is open to everyone.
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Sales and Marketing Support

A truly integral part of the overall publishing process. After all, you do want get your book into the hands of paying readers, don't you? You also want to recoup your investment as soon as possible and, maybe, make a return on it. Our author-centred approach helps you, not just to sell your books but also, to reap a greater share of the reward.
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Managing Your Web Presence

The worldwide web has emerged as the single greatest force for progress and enlightenment in recent times, revolutionising the free-flow of information and ideas, with implications for trade and the exchange of goods and services. The world has never been more connected but, how can all this benefit you, as an author and independent publisher?
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Sales and Order Fulfilment Service

At The Manuscript Publisher, we take an active interest in helping you to market, promote and sell your book. We do so because we want you to succeed but also, because we have an interest in sales generation from the point of view of a retail seller of your book. We sell books via traditional and online channels, direct to the consumer as well as to bookshops, libraries, etc.
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Our Portfolio

Turning manuscripts into books

Our Books

Online editions of books that we have produced are available to browse online. Many of these titles are also on sale via our online bookshop at TMPPublications.com
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Book Cover Designs

Our Book Cover Design service is both professional and affordable, catering to the requirements of both print and digital (e.g. e-book) media. Cover designs may be template-based or bespoke.
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Author Websites and Blogs

Dedicated author websites and blogs that we create use both free and paid hosting and can include full e-commerce functionality, enabling you to sell your books online.
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